Power Reactor Innovative Small Module (PRISM)

Designer:   GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GE-H) Power Reactor Innovative Small Module (PRISM)
Reactor Power:   840 MWt
Electrical Output:   311 MWe
Outlet Conditions:   930°F
Coolant:   Liquid metal (sodium)
Fuel Design:   Metallic
Refueling:   12-24 months
Letter of Intent:   Updated April 20, 2011
Licensing Plan:   COL Prototype (long-term - Manufacturing License)
Expected Submittal:   Definitive date not determined
Design Information:   Underground containment on seismic isolators with a passive air cooling ultimate heat sink. Modular design with two reactor modules per power unit (turbine generator).
Status/Other Info:   NRC staff conducted pre-application review in early 1990s that resulted in the publication of NUREG-1368, "Preapplication Safety Evaluation Report for the Power Reactor Innovative Small Module (PRISM) Liquid-Metal Reactor (January 1994)."
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